h e a r t h e a r t h e a r t h

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 goomba (instrumental)
 Heron Moon
 Everywhere I Need to Be
 Standing People Trees
 Darkness Comes
 Mad in the Heavens
 Caution to the Wind
 Moon in Your Guitar
 Outside Edge
 Fixture Picture Departure Overture
 Strong Wind

 CD 2004

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lyrics from the album:

h e a r t h e a r t h e a r t h

Heron Moon

Stars are too many to count or to name
Trees sing a pining tune
Feel the blade as night comes in
I see a heron in front of the moon

Fields are wet, breathingreen
The rains'll be coming on soon
This road is a puzzle, a compulsive pulsing
a heron in front of the moon
a heron in front of the moon

There's nothing to return to
only to proceed
The world's an incredible view...
Do we choose what to create
or open the gate
for the world and its chaos to come through?

Trees sigh with the weight of the wind
Coyotes squeal like loons
Each moment is a gift to one who sees:
a heron in front of the moon

Somewhere the puzzle becomes a surprise
then the world is its own typhoon
but nothing's so fragile, so sacred and wise
as a heron in front of the moon

The sunlight bees finish the late summer work
where the chickens they dance like cartoons
while here in the silence of shadow and light,
I see a heron in front of the moon
There's a heron in front of the moon...

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Everywhere I Need to Be

I slept next to the highway
with diesels in my dreams,
taking it out of Texas again
and I woke up to the dawn light
with mountains in my blood--
finally getting back where I belong again

Then I crossed over Raton
while the morning was still young,
I was thinking about the cities and ol' Townes
and the green of Colorado
took the breath from my lungs
while the wheels turned round and round and sang this song:

O, I don't live in a house
but I always am at home
You can't find me where you think I'm s'posed to be
and I don't answer my phone
but you could leave a word at the beep
Don't you lose no sleep worrying about me:
Where I am is everywhere I need to be

You know the desert is an open place
with a high lonesome sound
It's where people go when they don't want to be found
and the mountains keep deep secrets
shared only with the sky,
way out beyond the wandering why

I saw an owl in the desert
and she had a lizard in her beak
standing by the highway not needing to speak
while the cactuses were blooming
and sunset painted the land--
these are things we all can understand
I don't live in a house...

I might be in your town tomorrow,
it might be a couple of years
You know the road winds on forever far and near
Still I see you in the land and sky,
you're in everything I do
and I couldn't go the distance without you

Sure is good to tell a story
and to hear one in return
You know that's always been my favourite way to learn
So to all you rambling gypsies
with your stories up your sleeve:
I give thanks for your encouragement to leave
You know I don't live in a house...


 Standing People Trees

Living all my life in america
riding down a road that is my home
I'm listening to a crystalline music
and breathing like a heartbeat metronome

There's mountains and rivers in america
where I go for the quiet i need
I listen to the sound of the seasons
guided by standing people trees

These trees were growing way before there was america
breathing as the lungs of the land
holding hillsides together
and watching as it crumbles into sand

We met in the land america
of designer whites and reds consumed for blues
underneath the sky in bodies
revealing me and me revealing you

If memory is the tool we forget with
and never will it be what it is not
still a memory of the future's been broken
and, even still, it puts me on the spot

Now I'm sitting by a lake in america
accompanied by jetplanes overhead
Waving sad goodbyes to america
the last day of this life I'll know I'm dead


 Darkness Comes

Give me just a moment to collect my blues
I'll unpack my thoughts and I'll take off these shoes
Show me the secret your patience exposes
'til everything is coming up roses

Dangle me a thought like a carrot I can chase
'til I'm dancing and laughing a complete change of face
Shudder the trees while the lone highway wails
you're tossing my heart like a ship without sails

Cool me your essence like a breeze from the trees
while the howling north wind makes my blood freeze
You could wake me in the morning when the moon's going down
we'll see the light on the buildings breaking all over town

Pardon my language, but my heart's on the line
it's sweet and sublime most of the time
Now you open me tender and fill me with a song
I feel like I've known all along
but ohh----sometimes darkness comes
ohh----sometimes a darkness comes

Now I'm playing this music without the notes on the page
it's a clever arrangement, but it's showing its age
Still it keeps me in the present and it helps me feel strong
like some kind of celestial song

Now you might wonder why the contingency's showing
but the fragrance of vagrance sees everything growing
I've been finding the roots to anchor my wings
in the song a roadrunner sings
you could hear him singing
ohh----sometimes darkness comes

I once knew a man who thought he could fly
he never thought it was strange and I never once asked him why
but one day he left with a pack of wild geese
and now there's nobody to answer his phone

So the mail piled up while the moon rose and fell
whatever became of him, nobody could tell
but somewhere there's a guy and he's laughing like a bird
while he's flying around self-assured
he's singing ohh----sometimes darkness comes

Sometimes the wind is so strong it makes my hair feel like wings
It sounds like the ocean and it's making my heart sing
But I don't need a teevee or a movie distraction
'cause life is the main attraction

But still, every night I could sing different words
about all I seen and all I still ain't heard
So don't get me wrong or forget how to write
but remember to blow out the light
because ohh----sometimes darkness comes


 Mad in the Heavens

Is it a dream or is it a nightmare?
Is it a breathing when you're all alone?
Is it the world spinning mad in the heavens
making pretty pictures, breathing steady tones?

Flowers in the garden arc their faces toward sunlight
Even when it's raining, flowers laugh into the night
tuned into a whispering circadian rhythm
silent in the darkness, silent in the light
Is it a dream...

Carried on a soundwave in its own peculiar music,
each life is but a dreamtime in the shadow of the grave
You can twirl the fire 'til it melts the glass and shape it,
opening ever wider to the wisdom of the wave
Is it a dream...

Now all i can remember is a feeling like a gnawing
in briefly melting pictures of a language gone astray
You seem like a wizard with a heart of incantation
I feel like the coastline, water echoes in my caves

Just listen to the spirit of the human affirmation
It's louder than the battlecries and mass misinformation
Singing out the lost chord 'til everyone can hear it
we're seeing through the fearmind to what's behind it all

Tell me, is it a dream...


 Caution to the Wind

Throw caution to the wind like water on the desert sand
slipping between the hands of thought
like dust in the wind
or an old forgotten photograph
that only knows it has to laugh
from here to everafter more

Are you still waiting for just the perfect moment
to be the beauty you deserve?
Can you remember life is just another learning
yearning for returning to the verve?
Throw your caution to the wind...

Each destination is a challenge to keep moving,
keeping the home innside the heart
There's not a better time to pull yourself together
whether or not you've known from the start
Throw your caution to the wind...

Playing it safe can be like sleeping at the wheel
when you lose control of all your drive
Pulling the rug out helps you dance the way you feel
to remind you you can really feel alive
Throw your caution to the wind...

Throw your caution to the wind
and empty out that hourglass
Every moment has to pass
for life to keep on moving by...


 Moon in Your Guitar

Moon in your guitar
balanced careless, swinging on a star
shining out to galaxies so far
reflecting sunlight
from out of sight
on the moon in your guitar

Purple moon in your guitar
at the apogee in saxophone you are
moving in ways you may have never known so far
you orbit in passing
like venus rising
in a screech owl repertoire
calling the moon in your guitar

The moon is full in your guitar
nobody knows how many pieces you are
tangled in the finest silken weave
more than any being would believe
you're opening wide
you're swift in rushing
in the language of a star
tuning the moon in your guitar

You could say you don't remember who you are
like frozen colour of old paint inside a jar
a broken compass and a cup that steams and stands
in silence like the passing of the sands

a world that spins and sighs
is right before your eyes
larger than its size
swimming in the fluid of your eye...

Gypsy moon in your guitar
broken laughter you can never hope to mend
you've got the soul of the stars
wandering forever without end
echoing loud
pouring round
it's carried you this far
the restless wind in your guitar...


 Outside Edge

Beside a real woodfire
playing on a crumpled horn
the night went on forever
and O, the music born
underneath the autumn sky
chill of Hawk swoops down
beside a real woodfire
on the outside edge of town

The firelight on faces warm
echoed the hootowl moon
We sat and spoke of silences singing
sly invisible tunes
and O, the laughter of those hearts
and how they howl and ache
No time to sleep
to live the dream now
time to stay awake

Even frog's bebop sounds
were stilled by a chill in the air
and there was a real woodfire
and the ground was the perfect chair
Even worlds in orbit twirl
and in spinning, create harmonics
Even silence in deepest night
essentially is symphonic

From a box as big as heaven
lying open on its side
galloping horse hooves pound a tale
a million miles wide
Suddenly the trees turn every colour
and O, how melody explains
that box as big as heaven
in the rhythm of the rain

Beside a real woodfire
playing a crumpled horn
the night went on forever
and O, the music born
underneath an autumn sky
as chill of the Hawk swoops down
beside a real woodfire
on the outside edge of town
on the outside edge...


Fixture Picture Departure Overture

It doesn't really matter you're so far away
I've got nothing to say
I've never really known you in so many ways
now we've nothing to say
Still we live and we grow
and we learn what we need to know
and the song never ends...

In another lifetime half a world afar
somewhere on another star,
I could see your halo
and hear your voice so clear,
now you're nowhere near
So we build and we choose
and we take what we need to use
and the song never ends...

For as far as we travel, there's no place to stay,
just another leaving day with nothing to say
At the break of the morning headed for a different shore,
I won't see you anymore

Ain't it hard to believe how time slips away
like water whirling down the drain
somewhere in the back of my brain
It's just another empty feeling that may never fit
you know it's hard to admit, it's hard to admit
So we learn how to crawl
and we learn on whom to call
and the song never ends...


Strong Wind

Come and take a deep breath of the night
while the world is just right
See behind the colour and the light
without using sight
You've been spinning like a dancer in the sand
never taking a stand
That's like listening to the creaking of the floors
and the ticking of the hands
There's a strong wind and a hundred appetites
if you listen, you can hear it in the night
if you listen...
Seems like everybody's waiting for the Word
while their own thoughts go unheard
and along with all the anger and the fear,
tears disappear
All we know is who we've ever been
time and again
I'm telling you time don't matter, my friend,
when your heart's in the wind
and it's a strong wind with a hundred appetites...

So sing out another song of what you see
and be what you will be
Give a listen to the water, wind and wood
and do your neighbour some good
I know there's nothing like standing all alone
asking to be shown the unknown
but if you're thinking your life has been paralyzed
I can see dancing in your eyes
Dancing to a strong wind...

If you listen, you'll hear it in the night
there's a strong wind with a hundred appetites
if you listen, if you listen...


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