"Brian Cutean's repertoire of original songs and lyrics are introspective,
satirical, delightfully absurd and always acoustically gentle to the
The Austin American Statesman

"Brian Cutean ...or QTN, as he whimsically prefers to spell it, is a stellar example of the unreconstructed hippie-folkie archetype: Gandalf-esque appearance, penchant for convoluted puns, and socially and psychically conscious songs, not to mention an uncanny ability to sprinkle fairy dust on any audience and instantly get everyone on his wavelength. Cutean's protean, peripatetic path has spanned two decades and several states, often including Oregon. His first (vinyl!) album came out on his 33-1/3rd birthday. Now, he's celebrating 45 with a new (OK, so it's a CD) single release, featuring "Food," a potent anti-poverty groove that's long been a staple of his live shows."
Willamette Week

"macier than funkio" Daniel Flessas host of The Outside World, KBOO Portland

"Brian reminds people that things change." Ross Johnson

"Wandering minstrel Cutean is a nimble guitarist and appealing singer whose
jaunty folk songs and contemplative ballads are filled with personal
reflection, social commentary and pure whimsy..."
Willamette Week

"Brian Cutean sings softly about cerebral things. His introspective folk music follows the traditional minstrel mode of telling stories without judgement, without so much personla doctrine it overburdens the soul...The
lyrics reflect his light sense of humor and strong sense of irony. He presents the songs with the hand of subtlety, crafating poetic stories about life, history and natural things..."
The San Marcos Daily Record

Cutean runs the gamut from activist to seer..."
The Grand Rapids Press

"Touching lyrics, smart guitar work and lyrics that reach you deep..."
The Eugene Weekly

"Thought provoking word spinning and finger plucking...a laid back meld of lively lyrics, wacky wordplay and stories from the spaces in his heart...a social commentator in the classic tradition of a bard singing for his
bread; a melodious punster who brings grins to his listener's lips and vagrant thoughts to their stirred-up minds..."
The Southeast Examiner

"With his guitar and high tenor, Cutean's songs are playful, energetic and
The Oregonian

A free ranging mix of folk, jazz, blues and beat and sometimes-relevant,
sometimes-irreverent lyrics. It's music that aims to please but doesn't
take itself too seriously..."
The Medford Mail Tribune

"Unpretentious, clever, soft, magnanimous with a wry sense of humor and a
love of irony..."
Common Ground

"It's the lyrics that will pull you in at first. From wild tales to outright poetry and soul-touching truths, his singing ranges from absurd to inspirational and from tragic to hilarious. It is impossible not to be
touched by the passion of Cutean's words.
"But the genius of a Brian Cutean performance is his mastery on the guitar. After hearing a set that makes you want to sob and scream all while you have a smile on your face, Cutean will take the stage with an
instrumental number that will let your soul run free while your body dances
across the room..."
The Tacoma Reporter

"He's pretty distinctly himself."
Peter Wilde folksinger, in the Eugene Register Guard

"...Cutean is, like so many Austin songwriters who use folk as a starting
point, an unclassifiable and irreverent acoustic performer..."
The Austin Chronicle

"The music, albeit sweet, lively and emotionally soothing. is the underlay
for Cutean's clever. quirky, magical lyrics that touch on deeper levels of
being human..."

"[He] delights in wordplay, putting words together that have probably never
been properly intorduced before, but make sense... in a cerebral way..."
The Holland Sentinel

"Blending an ethereal voice that can reach the high notes with a style of
guitar and harmonica playing that ranges from melodic to jazzy, Cutean
artfully blends many styles of music..."
The Chicago Heights Star

"His irony and wit pervade his stories while they celebrate mental and
environmental perspectives. Cutean revels in wordplay and wild poetry as
his observations careen between the ridiculous to the prophetic..."
The Boulder Daily Camera

"The truth of the music is easy to find. You feel it. In the words of
simplicity, in the simple melodic line that still involves, intrigues,
draws the listeners in to the surprise, the conundrum solved..."
The Hill Country Sun


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