Is As Does Is

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 Hear the Night
 Afraid of the Dark
 Meteors in Her Eyes
 Stories of the Old One
 Steady, Steady
 Ashes and Bones - (hear the MP3)
 Fly For Her
 Medicine Bow - (hear the MP3)
 Ain't It Buddy's !
 Special Care

 CD 1996


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lyrics from the album:

Is As Does Is

Hear the Night

I can hear the night even with the windows closed
But I can't always tell which way the wind blows
Oh, the stars and moon are loud, pounding in my blood
I'm feeling like a river before the flood

I heard two spirits call to me from deep innside a dream
One pointed to a train soon to depart
While the other waited laughing with a wild-eyed melody
Knocking on the doorway to my heart

Then two more spirits took my hand and pulled me different ways
One showed me how my road had been so long
While the other waited calmly in the centre of my mind
Breathing out a song to make me strong

So I can hear the night ...

and O, the wind came from the north and cut me to the bone
the wind could not break through the heavy clouds
until the cracking whips of lightning made the sky rain black
sounding like a train taking off down the track
sounding like a train taking off down the track...

I'm gonna go to find a tree I know to hold me in its arms
To roll me with its strong stable limbs
Then I'm gonna listen to the heartwood
with my ear pressed to the bark
And hear a thousand ancient eternal hymns

I can hear the night...

I'm feeling like a river...


Afraid of the Dark

It's no use to wait for your ship to come in
unless you send one out
Sweet success is a journey, not a destination
and talk don't cook rice
for people waiting with their bowls in line
in the kingdom of the blind
where the one-eyed men are kings
where there's a child afraid of the dark,
there's a man afraid of the light

We see him wrestle with his burdens
as if to prove some kind of point
but how many of his memories can ever be recalled?
All this talk is like footprints
to a place nobody else can find
way down behind the the music innside the Mind

Out beyond the music is rhythm and voice
way behind the music
between the columns of stars
ringing through the scaffolding...

So we find ourselves on a moonless night
far from our telephone
waiting for some kind of message we can call our own
you know talk is like fashion
out of touch before it's even worn
like the unread pages of a story someone else has torn

Ain't it a heart like a basket
full of flowers, fables and fruit
where the tinyest particle core is taking root
just so somebody else who looks like you
whose name is not their own
can give it to somebody else who feels alone
like to the child afraid of the dark
like to the ones afraid of the light
like to the child
like to the ones still afraid of the light


Meteors in Her Eyes

The girl with meteors in her eyes is a candle
who melts the latches to my heart
She fills the darkness when it's too much to handle
with a light that breaks the shadows apart

The girl with meteors in her eyes knows a story
everybody's heard but nobody knows from where
about the broken statues sleeping in the beach sand
and the marionettes who stand on their hands

The girl with meteors in her eyes has the advantage
She hears everything as (in) colours she can paint
And the broken statues sleeping in the beach sand
keep changng keys as fast as she can play

The girl with meteors is her eyes is like a mansion
three stories high with a hundred and fifty rooms
and I'm staring out the window at the cracks in the sidewalk
dancing with the Gypsy in her tune

The girl with meteors in her eyes has no appendix
but her table of contents is fifty pages long
She's in several different volumes in a rare type face
and I can't help but wonder how she's bound, how she's bound,
no, I can't help but wonder how she's bound

The girl with meteors in her eyes is the exception
whenever there's no exception to the rule
and the crazy music from her every single movement
has those marionettes dancing on the moon



Got your postcard just the other day
There was just enough room for all you had to say
There was a picture on front looked like you
passing through with a smile...

You set me thinking about the world we share
How there's so many people coming to prepare
There's a paradigm shift in the wind
that begins with a smile...

When all of our reasons have only to forgive,
We'll be dancing in spirals remembering how to give
where the song of all thought
is a song we've been singing awhile...

Got your postcard on just the perfect day
All the clouds were like songs
I'd forgotten I knew how to play
Every word you wrote was like
a silhouette of shape through the smoke...

Thanks for thinking of sending part of you my way
Life is woven from time and
The future's part of everyday
I know whenever we meet
on the road we can know with a smile...


Stories of the Old One

On the floor of the darkness
where the people go to hear the light,
an Old One at the head of the circle
gestures long into the night.
With a flash of brilliance
like a rocket already out of sight,
come hear the Stories of the Old One
speak clearly with the furthest sight.

He says: "There's a road reaching up
to the sky in thelight of the day
and, if you make it to the top,
you can vanish without even a trace.
Then whatever you have left here behind
will just be taking up space."
And the Old One nodded with a sparkle
in the eyes of his face.

"Undercover of the darkness,
Coyote comes to take away the night
until the rocks show him Snake
in the moonglow of the eclipsed light
and when Snake speaks, the air shakes
like a seedsprout crying out for the rain
and then it's all Coyote can do to just remember his name..."

"You've got an Angel flying through
the rooms and the screams of your dreams
who can help you remember to sit down
beside the winding stream.
The stream sings in pictures
so colourful, bizarre and so strange
and every picture tells a story
of somebody else who makes it through the change."

"In single file marching
to the gates of the City and out,
is an endless procession of Believers
consumed by doubt.
Nobody can tell them
the language they speak is past tense
and the part that rings true
is the part that never really makes sense."

O n the floor of the darkness
where the people go to hear the light,
there's an Old One at the head of the circle
gesturing long into the night...


Steady, Steady

On the shoreline, the people are green
So many feel too in between
Steady, steady
everything goes you know
If you must choose, choose wisely...

You're standing on tiptoe, reaching the source
You're spilling like raindrops
when the moon's void of course
Steady, steady
there's mostly abundant force
and if you choose you can use
all that you've got to give...

She's talking in music, soothing my ears
while on the shoreline
the oceans'salt tears sing:
Steady, steady
everything has its time
The world you choose is orbitting you...


Ashes and Bones  DOWNLOAD THE MP3

Ashes and bones
another traveller has come home
spent a lifetime on his own
in certain purpose nearly unknown

Ashes and bones
he broke the mirror when he crossed the river
he found his meaning and lost his person
now another traveller has come home
in certain purpose
spirit has flown leaving ashes and bones

Like the sands of time
his dust is scattering in the wind
it don't matter where he'd been or who he'd known
he was lost and alone now he's ashes and bones

slipping like mercury through my hands
slipping away like hourglass sand
to the point of confusion his cover was blown
without a word
no matter what he'd been told he'd heard...

Where the River of Time meets the Ocean
he's skipping across like a perfect stone
his mind was blown
lost and alone, ashes and bones

Ashes and dust
no matter who we've been we must
go out the door we all came in before we were born
at the end of the line where the journey began

Now another angel has finally flown
a message left at the sound of the tone
he's like thunder and lightning, ashes and bones
thunder and lightning, ashes and bones...


Fly For Her

That doesn't fly for her
She don't cross that river
She's a perfect example of herself
Her arms reach to the stars
Her feet are deep in the ground
She knows only what she sees for herself
There's a sound in the trees
a howling and a calling
it sounds like her name...

She don't read no paper
She never cross that river
She don't care what she supposed to believe
Her eyes burn deep to the heart
Even when she's looking right through you
She's aware we're put here to receive
There's a splash in the water
a sparkle in her laughter
she's speaking out the sound
of her unspoken name...

She don't tease the sky
She never hurt no river
But she can cause the unwinding of sound
She got light in her fingers
She speak the truth in her ways
Like a pro lost in someplace pro found
When she dancing by the ocean
making circles in the sand
she's listening to the sound
of her name...


Medicine Bow  DOWNLOAD THE MP3

"Was the heavy hand of justice that tamed the Wild West"
That's what the highway said read
through the pounding rain and wind
There were fences and there snowbreaks
across the once wild prairie land
where the people and treaties were scattered like dust
whenever they took a stand.

Now these were people who knew the seasons
and the song of every stream
How to use the plants for medicine
when to listen to their dreams.
To them that old Great Spirit
wasn't something out afar.
It was part of animals, man and rocks,
every river and every star.

Medicine Bow, covered in snow
still a thousand miles to go

So the Red Ones told the White Ones:
Anytime you must decide,
take into consideration at least seven generations
but the White Ones laughed at the Red Ones saying:
You've got the wrong information;
this land is God's abundance, all here for the taking.
So the White Ones built their cities,
drilling the holes to drain the oil
Killing animals just for sport and
leaving them on the plains to spoil
While the Red Ones built small fires
and huddled close around,
The White One's fires roared so loud,
the whole world feared the sound.

Medicine Bow, covered in snow
still a thousand miles to go

So when the struggle came down between them,
it was easy to see who'd win
White Ones had their Thundersticks,
the Red Ones had their skins
and when the Union Pacific Railroad came
laying tracks across the land
Anybody who'd dare get in the way
felt the Great White Father's hand.

Now there's highways connecting cities
to every corner of this nation
Most still roll right on past
those forgotten reservations
until the government comes to strip away
the mineral foundations
To feed the greed and ravenous rage
of an industrial civilization.

Leif Ericson was here before Columbus
and Cortez followed after
but the Ones here first who greeted them all
were the People who walked the connection.
With no thought of conquering a wild land
or hauling away Her treasures,
These people made peace with the Land and the Water,
the Fire and the Four Directions.

Medicine Bow, covered in snow
still a long, hard way to go
Medicine Bow, covered in snow...

Beneath a cold white blanket
on a blood-soaked land
Medicine Bow
crumble in our hands...


Ain't It Buddy's !

From the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea
out to the great horizon and the liberty tree
I thought I heard the prophet say:
"Ain't no more time to run away!"
Ain't it hard
when you're living for the truth?

Well, I dreamed we found that pot of gold
but the liquid coins weren't meant to hold
like liquidreams from bottled brains
spilling over like the springtime riverain
Ain't it hard
when you're trying to hold on?

Now I lay me down to sleep
You know I don't take pills and I can't count sheep
but if I should die in the middle of a song,
I know the Angels of Music gonna carry me along
Ain't it hard
when you're trying to stand tall
in a world so small?

Yes and isn't it fun
when we stop thinking about how hard?



even though night was warm
opening release from clouds
water and lightning pour
two breathing hearts pound loud

even though night was warm
owl voice breeze expanded
two breathing hearts together
dissolve into a notion

instead of thinking much too loud
or storming around like thunder
forgetting to remember to listen
is like relinquishing your sense of wonder

even though night was waltz,
they tangoed in doublexplosure
drinking fire from starlight cups
tasting the night
with no clothes--sure

even though night was warm
pressed together in changing
two breathing hearts extended
enhancing and releasing two gather


Special Care

Take special care wherever you are
no matter how far you go
You know you won't know where
until you've gotten there
and by then it may be time to go
you're like a fish in the ocean
growing legs to climb ashore
becoming more...

You're like a moth in the hand
who don't understand
on your way to being set free outside
It seems a hard way to go
and there's so much you don't know
you might just as well enjoy the ride
or you can beat your wings crazy
until they're tired and sore
and they don't open anymore

Take a big breath in, it's time to begin
You've gotta walk before you learn to fly
We can count the stars and put 'em in a jar
but there'll always be more in the sky
You've got the clouds for a pillow
You've got the sky beneath your feet--
What else could be so sweet?

Don't you know there's a reason
that the rain falls?


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